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Wednesday to Sunday

  Five times a week I have a short little post that helps to remind us to keep it elegant. I post them at 7AM - 10AM so you can enjoy with your morning cup of coffee.

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I write a little post about sprucing up on your manners, etiquette and other related topics. Here you will read current trends or bad experiences I have had and how it could have went smoother! I like to usually bring up current events. I post around 7 AM - 10AM

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Every Tuesday I have my weekly post around 7 AM to 10 AM. This is a longer post about anything and everything related to living passionately, embracing poise and unleashing your elegance.

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Practice your Handwriting

This is truly a lost art. Do you like to practice your handwriting?   Probably not, because we type now, not write. I am even guilty of it!   But that is no excuse. There will be day when you need to write something and with that opportunity you can make quite the statement.   […]

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Find a Hobby

Talking to many people, especially retired people, they all have one thing in common. A hobby! It can be anything as long as it is something that you truly enjoy. It’s a great way to keep your mind sharp and give you a purpose. Do you need to find a hobby?   Have you ever […]

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Dress to Flatter Your Body

We are told to do it, but sometimes if you don’t know where to start, it can be awfully hard to dress to flatter your body!   It’s important to learn because the fashion industry just gives you all these clothes and expects you to just figure it out. Well this leads to many women […]

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Touch of Elegance: Do Something Now that Your Future Self will Thank You For

I never used to think too much into this before. My mentality was when I get to it, I’ll worry about it. Then I was always getting overwhelmed and felt like I was always going backwards and stumbling all over the place. I decided to change my habits and do something now that my future […]

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How to Incorporate Elegance Throughout Your Day: Evening

So we have found ways to incorporate elegance throughout the morning and afternoon.   Now onto the evening.   This is one of the best parts of the day because that is usually when the family comes together and talks about the rest of the day they had. Evening has many great rituals from eating […]

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An Elegant Minute: Why is the World so Hateful

I don’t know about you, but I feel like this world is going crazy!   The world is already a scary place to live, but I honestly think it might be getting worse!   I used to love reading the news and being up-to-date on everything. Being current felt like it was the right thing […]

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Touch of Elegance: Finding Joy when You’re Doing Something Boring

I realize this is much harder to do than to say. Finding joy when you’re doing something boring is like saying ‘go have fun watching paint dry!’ Doesn’t really make much sense.   But once you can tap into this power and truly find enjoyment out of a boring chore or irritating errand then you’ve […]

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Touch of Elegance: Love that Old Table

This post isn’t about actually loving any old table. It’s about wanting to love that old table!   It doesn’t even necessarily need to be a table, it could be chairs or a couch maybe even your whole kitchen! If I am not really making myself clear, it is about loving the things (furniture, clothes, […]

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Touch of Elegance: How to Eat Healthier Every Day

This post contains affiliate links. This post is NOT sponsored. I would greatly appreciate if you purchased these books through my affiliated links. It helps fund this blog. If you purchase anything through my links, it won’t cost you anything extra and I get a tiny amount of the proceeds. It is greatly appreciated! Thanks […]

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Touch of Elegance: Be Gentle

To be gentle can show a lot about who you are.   It can not only portray a woman who is a true lady, but it also can be something people notice and admire. In today’s world, as woman, we are taught at a young age that we are to be strong, don’t back down […]

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