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A blog to help women live more passionate lives, embrace their poise, and unleash their elegance!

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Wednesday to Sunday

  Five times a week I have a short little post that helps to remind us to keep it elegant. I post them at 7AM so you can enjoy with your morning cup of coffee.

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I write a little post about sprucing up on your manners, etiquette and other related topics. Here you will read current trends or bad experiences I have had and how it could have went smoother!

- Weekly Post - 


Every Tuesday I have my weekly post. This is a longer post about anything and everything related to living passionately, embracing poise and unleashing your elegance.

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Elegant Minute: Topless Swimming

Would you want to go topless swimming in a hotel pool? Not out in a public beach, but an indoor swimming pool?   This women is fighting for her right to.   I was reading the news the other day and I came across something that I found interesting. I read that an Ontario woman […]

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Touch of Elegance: Sometimes just Listen

It’s better to quiet down, shut your mouth and sometimes just listen. You would expect and want someone to do it to you, so why wouldn’t you do it in return.   I may not be the best one to talk about it… because I should sometimes just listen   Having me bring up this […]

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Touch of Elegance: Drink your Tea Properly

As I sit here writing this post I am sipping from my favorite tea-cup.   I love how dainty and fragile it is. When I place my tea-cup down onto the saucer it makes this delightful little ting sound (I think this all makes the tea even taste better!). It’s china and it automatically elevates […]

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Touch of Elegance: Bras as Shirts Now?

Call me old fashioned.   Call me a prude.   But don’t bras belong under your shirts?   I don’t know where this “shirt” that look just like a bra or bralette has come in style. Whatever happened to leaving something to the imagination?   Apparently, I am very behind on the times. With every […]

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Touch of Elegance: Guilty Pleasures – TV Shows

We all have them. At one time or another.   Sometimes we want to keep them a secret, others don’t care who knows. I love how personal they can be. Be it chocolate, possibly an outfit, or it can be reality TV.   Today I want to talk about, Guilty pleasures – TV Shows. On […]

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Touch of Elegance: Elegance in Frumpy Clothes

How many of you have been there?  Where your clothes are in the laundry and all you have left are some mismatched clothes that don’t fit properly, but yet not bad enough that you haven’t thrown them out.   You read different blogs and how-to guides and they all say to wear your best clothes. […]

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How to Incorporate Elegance throughout Your Day : Morning

So we are on this beautiful journey to become more elegant. Let’s find ways on how to incorporate elegance throughout your day: morning.   We might have purchased some new clothes. Got the chicest of all haircuts. Possibly even bought some new furniture and cleaned up a bit… But now what?   Trust me. I […]

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An Elegant Minute: Stop Degrading our Husbands

I had mentioned this on my Facebook post earlier this week.  I feel so strongly about how wrong it is, that I thought I’d write about it too on an Elegant Minute. Stop degrading our husbands.   Be it your husband, your boyfriend, your fiance, or really anyone in your life, you shouldn’t be treating […]

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Elegant Additions – Eyelash Curler

This might sound incredibly superficial. Well, because it is. For today’s post, we are talking about Elegant Additions – Eyelash Curler.   Women all over the world are jumping quickly to get fake eyelash extensions and eyelash tinting. I think this is absurd and incredibly dangerous if you are not careful. I’ve heard of horror […]

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Elegant Additions – Pearls

This one is a tad obvious, but deserves enough attention to be spoken about. Pearls are just so beautiful without being flashy. They are appropriate with any age of woman, even girls can get away with it. They do not scream “look at me and all my money” nor do they seem cheap.   You […]

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