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“We must never confuse elegance with snobbery.”

  • Yves Saint Laurent


Elegant Living Everyday is not just a blog

It is a lifestyle.


I find it so important to make your home a real place where people come and gather, feel safe and loved, and best of all, can create wonderful memories.

Not only is your home important, but also how you come across as a woman. I am becoming increasingly aware that our future social skills, manners, and just our overall demeanor are becoming bleak. To be honest, the thought of what we will be like in the next generation or two does scare me a bit.

This is a blog where you can find all the information you will need to keep yourself calm, cool and collected. From tips to keeping your house clean and tidy in all circumstances, cooking from scratch and when to take shortcuts, and best of all, learning how to carry yourself with poise and radiate confidence.

20 Outstanding Ways for Beating the Winter Blues at Home

20 Outstanding Ways for Beating the Winter Blues at Home

Did you know that there is an actual date deemed the most depressing day of the year? It is referred to as “Blue Monday”, and it falls on the third Monday in January. I would think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that the whole post-holiday winter season is...

How I Host a Casual Brunch

How I host a casual brunch is something that I love to do! It shouldn't be stressful at all. The main goal is to have fun and relax!   Hosting is about having a good time and letting others also enjoy you, so being cooped up in the kitchen alone, slaving...
4 Easy Tips Guaranteed to Turn Heads - how to dress elegantly

4 Easy Tips Guaranteed to Turn Heads [How to Dress Elegantly]

I love how in Rome anything goes! As long as you wear it with confidence, your style can be as simple or as outrageous as you would like. There were many times I caught myself turning back intrigued how people would pull off something I would never...
Confessions of a Homesick Traveler

Confessions of a Homesick Traveler

If you know me personally, you would know that I get deeply homesick.   It doesn't matter who I am with or where I am, but if I am in another country... wait no, another city that I am not familiar with, I get a bit uneasy.   I realize this is not an...
For the Love of God... PUT AWAY YOUR PHONES!

For the Love of God… PUT AWAY YOUR PHONES!

Get off your phones!   I can't believe how people can be on the phone especially when  you are in the company of others!   The crazy thing is, is that not only does it happen everywhere in the world, but it now happens with every single age!! No one is...

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