Why You Should Live Elegantly

I didn’t always feel this way.

I wasn’t always elegant or striving to be elegant.

Until one day when I really didn’t like how my life was looking. I was always late, I moved frantically and I felt scatterbrained.

I thought, there HAS to be a better way!

There are many reasons why living elegantly is so important. It not only makes you a better person but it also makes others around you better as well.

I feel like it gives me purpose along with making my life more beautiful and exciting (even if nothing happens).

Being elegant is more than just looking the part, it is also the way you live. There’s so much life has to offer, but it is up to us to be able to see it.

So, I have come with ten top reasons why you should live elegantly. Because truly, I think once you start adopting an elegant life, you won’t want to go back!


10) Get More Out of Less

I find that when you start living an elegant life, the little pleasures start becoming more frequent.

It really does make your day better because before you might have seen a nightly walk as something to do to make sure you stay healthy. However, there is so much more to it! There are all the sounds and smells that can make your senses feel alive. You notice these little extras and that is what fulfills you.

After some time, you find that you actually crave this time to keep you sane.

You are able to take your day and find any reason to smile. Instead of waiting for something funny to happen to you, because it may never come, I go out and find it! Therefore, it’s an elegant way of being proactive in your day.

If you go out and search for it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much happiness the world has to offer you.

It is up to you to make your day better!


9) You are Able to See Beauty & Light even in the Darkest of Moments

There are times when life is unbearably hard.

We all go through them. And, although it may be very difficult, we should be thankful for them.

If we never experienced them, then we would really never know how good and precious life is.

However, during those dreadful moments when we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders, there are glimpses that can point us in the right direction. You can see that, yes my loved one has passed, but it will get better with time.

Even if it isn’t the worst thing to happen to you, but maybe it could be just a very stressful situation at work, as an elegant woman you understand that this will pass and with time, it will get easier.

Life is funny like that. It can throw you the most difficult of balls, but we become stronger and throw them right back!

But how I like to think about it, when I am going through the rough times and all I feel is bad, there ought to be some good coming eventually.

Living elegantly is another way of finding the positive and clinging on to it.

You really have no other way.

8) You are Deeply Satisfied

I love this one.

Before, I used to think that I needed something to be happy or fulfilled. Can you blame me? Every time you turn on the television or social media, you are seeing how wonderful it is to own a bigger home or the latest brand names.

It is tempting to fall into the trap of materialism. (And once you get sucked in, it’s terribly hard to ever get out!)

I now know that I am terribly wrong!

It isn’t what you have, but it is how you think. It is all a mind set that you must adjust to.

Living an elegant lifestyle, you start to realize what you truly enjoy doing.

It’s not WHAT you have, rather, it’s WHO you have.


7) People Will Respect You

It’s such a good feeling to know that people respect you for you.

It doesn’t always happen. It’s very much easier said then done.

When you take care of everything that is yours, regardless of value, others will recognize and do the same.

It really shows the kind of person you are when you take precious care of your belongings. It truly speaks volumes about your personality and character.

A big example is your car. I’ve seen it where people throw their loose papers and wrappers in the back seat saying they will clean up eventually. But when you give someone a ride, they see the mess and the chaos and they have a presumption of you that you don’t respect your things.

It’s only natural.

It might not be true, but at the same time, if you loved everything that is yours, you wouldn’t treat it as a dumping ground.

So treat everything that is yours and that you come in contact with, with the utmost respect and love and it will be reciprocated.

Another thing I want to add is not only things you respect, it is also the relationships that you hold dear and close to your heart. Respect them like the precious things they are, and you will be very happy for years to come.

6) You Will Stop Procrastinating

I used to be so bad at this.

To be honest, I am still constantly working on it.

I am so much better at not waiting until the last minute because I know how awful it feels to be rushed or forget something. I don’t like to be that person and when you adopt an elegant lifestyle it changes your mentality.

You don’t like leaving anything to the last minute, so you naturally get more and more done. Sometimes you might even surprise yourself.

Give yourself the chance to prove that you can do things earlier.

5) You Will Stop Wasting Time

I appreciated this one when I started to follow it!

Being organized not only will help your house to look better but it will also prevent you from wasting so much time! And I am not talking just on social media!

How many minutes have you spent looking for something that should be in its proper place?

Whether it is a bill, a receipt, or your keys, they should always be put back to where they belong. This is hard sometimes when we are tired or busy and it is just easier to throw them on the counter. However, in the long run, you might waste too much time and that is very frustrating (seems to always happen when you’re in a rush!)

When you live elegantly, you put a much bigger emphasis on not wasting time, because let’s face it, you know how precious your it is.

4) You Will Feel and Look Better

These two walk hand in hand together.

When you start living an elegant life, you will understand that your body needs good wholesome food. That means avoiding the drive-thrus and other very convenient foods. (No matter how tempting!)

This could mean being a bit more organized so that you have meals prepared or thought up. It might be a bit more work but in reality it is something that will make you happier in the long run.

In turn, by deciding to respect your body and choosing better alternatives, you will also look better.

Your skin and eyes will glow, your weight will be maintained and your smile will be enticing!

By looking better, you will feel better. It’s a wonderful compromise, once you start taking care of yourself it is like a positive snowball that even you can’t stop!

It is a win-win!



3) You Will Understand Your True Pleasures

The best part of elegant living, is that you will always be cultivating more and more true pleasures.

One day, something that really made you happy might not the next month. It is a very personal choice and it is a great journey to find the little-nothings to savor.

Take your time and keep an open mind.

Don’t get frustrated either if there is something that you think you should enjoy just because so many others do. Really look inside yourself and find what brings you contentment.

Everyone is different and don’t let Pinterest tell you what you should be good at or enjoy!

Some good examples are coffee or a long shower, but some random examples could be mowing the lawn, cleaning out the garage, so don’t feel bad if your true pleasure is something others would consider “work”.

Like I said before, it is incredibly personal and only you know what really gets you excited!

2) Your Relationships are More Meaningful

Just like you’ll stop wasting time, you will not deal with drama.

We all know people like that, where it feels like the drama just follows them.

I try to avoid those people like the plague. They are usually just asking for trouble and not being in high school, I don’t want to get involved with it.

Since you know yourself a bit more than before, you are able to connect with others a bit more too.

You will focus on quality not quantity with this point. A few amazing friends that can be truthful and helpful is what really matters than having lots of friends that when it comes down to the hard times, they disappear.

We all know it happens.

In turn, don’t be that person either. When your friends hit a hard patch in life, be genuine and be there for them. It will always be remembered.

1) Be Less Stressed!

I try to live by this! Being an elegant woman, trying to avoid unnecessary stress because we all know how it wreaks havoc on our bodies.

I have seen first hand what stress can do to your body and it is not a pretty sight.

It manifests itself in a physical form and can be much worse.

Living an elegant life you are less stressed because you don’t waste your time, you don’t procrastinate, you have true friends that love you for who you are, you know what your true pleasures are, you look and feel better, and you are deeply satisfied!

You know what makes you happy and that is the most important thing!


Living elegantly is fulfilling

Being elegant isn’t just about looking beautiful and being graceful. It is about knowing who you are in a deeper level and knowing more about yourself. It is about loving yourself and others will see this and love you back.

Living elegantly to me, is the only way!

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Am I missing any?

Are there any other reasons why you love living an elegant lifestyle?

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