“An Elegant Minute”

An Elegant Minute


Enjoy all the posts and I hope they inspire you to become more elegant!

An Elegant Minute

  • An Elegant Minute: Stop Degrading our Husbands An Elegant Minute: Stop Degrading our Husbands

    I had mentioned this on my Facebook post earlier this week.  I feel so strongly about how wrong it is, that I thought I’d write about it too on an Elegant Minute. Stop degrading our husbands.   Be it your husband, your boyfriend, your fiance, or really anyone in your life, you shouldn’t be treating […]

  • Be Happy for Someone – Even When it Feels Impossible An Elegant Minute: Be Happy For Someone - Even When it Feels Impossible

    Have you even been in a situation where you need to be happy for someone  – even when it feels impossible. Utterly useless, and it’s just so hard where you feel like you just can’t force it?   Maybe… Someone’s getting married and you’re still single and still looking. Your best friend announced she’s pregnant […]

  • Belittling Employees An Elegant Minute: Belittling Employees

    This is one thing that I truly cannot stand. It really does upset me when I see people doing their best and still getting yelled at by people who should not be.   I feel that being on both sides of this, (as someone who works in retail and also goes out shopping) it never […]

  • Let Strangers Inspire You Elegant Minute: Let Strangers Inspire You

    In today’s Elegant Minute I want to discuss why you should let strangers inspire you. There is inspiration everywhere and sometimes in the most unlikely of places or people. You just have to keep your eyes and heart open. You never really know.   The Gentleman in the Blue Suit   The other day I […]

  • Parking Lot Chaos An Elegant Minute: Parking Lot Chaos

    An Elegant Minute Parking Lot Chaos   In today’s elegant minute, I am going to be bringing up parking lot chaos. I am utterly shocked to see how people treat others.   This incident was ridiculous. It really was terrible and the worse part about it was that it was over a parking spot! Yes, […]

  • An Elegant Minute: Be the Role Model you Needed Elegant Minute: Role Model you Needed

    An Elegant Minute Be the Role Model you Needed This was one of the 101 ways of an Elegant Woman  I really like this one because I find that it really is easy for everyone to understand, and I think the best part of it is that it is up for interpretation. No one is […]

  • An Elegant Minute: Make your Bed An Elegant Minute

    An Elegant Minute Make your Bed This one will really only take a minute!     Make your bed!     Make it all the way to the last of the throw pillows. All of them! When you get home later that night and you see how beautiful that bed looks it will make you […]

  • An Elegant Minute: Suck it in! An Elegant Minute

    An Elegant Minute: Suck it in!  Pretend for a minute you are a ballerina or a model.   Their impeccable posture and graceful movements are to be desired. Well learning to be graceful might take years of practice and discipline, the posture, well we can do  something about that now!   Try sucking it in! […]

  • An Elegant Minute: Perfume An Elegant Minute

    An Elegant Minute: Perfume “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” – Christian Dior For today’s elegant minute, put on a bit of perfume.     I don’t know about you but when I dab on a bit of my favorite perfume, I feel like a little energy gets pumped into my […]

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