Oh. My. Goodness.


Today’s post is written by yours truly, but inspired by my lovely husband.


Wow, this was the most stressful flight I have ever taken in my life.


The first flight was delayed, then cancelled. Then we are all up there trying to get the airline to change our tickets so that we can leave as soon as possible. People are shouting, people are scoffing and then crying. Essentially, it was a mad house!


Thankfully, I didn’t really deal with it because my husband was doing all the talking as I was manning the bags. But I bet if you saw my face you could tell I was not impressed.  (This is so important to remember how you look even while you are resting is so crucial. It can really speak a lot about you.) There might be nothing more disappointing than being so amped to go on a flight and then when it’s last minute, gets cancelled!


Everyone around me was yelling and fighting with the airline employees, demanding money back, demanding a flight closer to their destination. Even though because it is weather related, there is no reimbursement. There were so many people in bad moods.

But, then there was my husband.


He is such an amazing man!


He always knows the right time to show anger and when not to hide it. In fact, he was quite the opposite. He was not only calm and collected. But he was nice. Expressing his gratitude when anyone would help him. He shows compassion when you can tell the worker is stressed. He can really read people.


This all goes hand-in-hand with being an elegant woman (or a man in this case too!) It’s about reading people and being empathetic. Feeling out people and knowing what to say is crucial.


Well, it really paid off because his graciousness had someone find another airline that could fit us, we just had to drive a bit and hope for the best. Which, in the end of the day everything worked out!


Perfectly?….. absolutely not.


But that is also why it is so fun.


Ahh… how memories are made!


Sometimes, when traveling, it can really push your limits. It can even make the most nicest of people turn into angry messes.


As long as you practice your patience and step back from the situation and realize it is usually not their fault it is easy to be able to not get too angry at them. It is something to keep reminding yourself.


Plus being angry does nothing but make everyone else tense.

Remember, being elegant is about others as well. Always trying to make them feel comfortable.


Because my husband was a charming man, polite, understanding, empathetic is really the only reason why I am in Rome today. (I knew I married him for a reason!)


It really pays to be nice to everyone. Never feel that just because they are an employee, you have any sort of right to belittle them.


I already know that being nice pays off, but seeing my husband conduct himself well, really reminds me to be better with people. And even if you think you’re good, there is always room for improvement.


Take a lesson from my husband! I know I did!


Be nice to everyone because you never know how they can help you! (Or really, how you can help them too!)


Well, seeing as it is about 4 am here, I should get to bed. I really hate being jet-lagged.


I can’t wait to share some beautiful pictures and experiences here in Rome!


We’ll talk soon!

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