Author: Jennifer Lynn

Accept Yourself Where You Are can't be loaded: Accept Yourself Where You Are ( Accepting that you’re in the right place, even if you thought differently I am quite sure that I am not the only woman out there who struggles with accepting where I am at in this stage of my life. Now, I am not saying that I wish to be somewhere else or be someone else. Not even close. But, just let’s reminisce for a second… Put yourself in the mind frame of when you were in your teens and in your early twenties. Did you have certain expectations when you...

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10 Reasons Why You Should Live Elegantly & The Sephora Gift Card Winner can't be loaded: 10 Reasons Why You Should Live Elegantly & The $200 Sephora Giveaway! ( Why You Should Live Elegantly I didn’t always feel this way. I wasn’t always elegant or striving to be elegant. Until one day when I really didn’t like how my life was looking. I was always late, I moved frantically and I felt scatterbrained. I thought, there HAS to be a better way! There are many reasons why living elegantly is so important. It not only makes you a better person but it also makes others around you better as well. I...

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How to Gain Confidence: Find Your Elegant Secret Weapon

How to gain confidence? What can I do to build myself up and be the confident, elegant woman every day?   Sometimes it is very hard to be the confident woman you want to be. You leave the house feeling great, then once you see a woman you instantly compare yourself to her. Any ounce of certainty you did have disappears into thin air.   Confidence is a beautiful thing.   I wasn’t always a confident woman, even now I still have my doubts.   Especially growing up, being awkward was an understatement! I am sure some of you...

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How to Make an Elegant First Impression

With school starting and everyone is getting back into the swing of things, I thought how delectable it is write about how to make an elegant first impression.    We all know the importance of them, everyone always says how much influence the first seven seconds has on the person. It gets remembered forever! Even this site, if you don’t like the look or the writing in the first minute or two, most of you will leave, never to return.   It’s imperative that, as elegant women, we try our hardest to ooze our elegance when meeting people for...

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Why I don’t Need to Nag: The Secret to End Nagging and Save your Relationship

Want the secret to end nagging and save your relationship? Keep on reading…   We have probably all said the same things to ourselves. To our more naive selves.   “I will never nag. I am not going to be like my mom and nag my husband.”   Then a few months into marriage and you’re a bit more comfortable, you can hear the “I told you do to that yesterday…” leave your lips. You try to stop it. But you can’t. It is inevitable. You’re now a nag.   You accept that it must just come with the...

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"Elegance is Refusal"

Said famously by Coco Chanel.

But that was before she knew about my newsletter.

 Refusing that?



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