Touch of Elegance: The Benefits to a Cold Shower

Touch of Elegance: The Benefits to a Cold Shower

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A little disclaimer, if you are a bit hesitant to take a cold shower because of heart conditions, talk to your doctor first just in case because this does make your heart rate jump up.


I used to be against taking a cold shower, I didn’t understand it. When it was my time to shower, I hated being the last one because there was barely any warm water left! Why would I ever dedicate a whole shower to it?!


I don’t want to make myself uncomfortable and cold. I try to avoid it at all costs.


Until one day


I just said “What the heck!” After reading a bit of information on it, like some of the health benefits, I couldn’t say no. And I am so happy that I did try it. It took a few days to be able to get my whole body under the water. But when I did, it was lovely. I ask  you to give it a week and see how you like it.


My shower head comes off which I highly recommend because when it is cold, you can control where the water goes and for how long it is on you for. When I started, I was such a chicken that the fact that it came off gave me the confidence to slowly add more and more skin. The removable shower head makes this process easier.

When I started out taking a cold shower


I would just wet my feet and calves and then my arms. When I felt ready I would move up to my thighs. This was a gradual process, but I don’t think it needs to be if you just want to go ahead and jump in.


When you start doing it, the coolness of the water makes your skin so tingly and truly invigorates you. It’s an incredible feeling and sometimes I just can’t hold in my laughter. I feel great afterwards. 


The best part is when you have made your way up to your chest.  It really gets your heart racing and makes you feel alive. It sometimes even takes your breath away momentarily.  Your skin feels numb but hot at the same time.


Perhaps this why people love to do the polar bear dip…


Apparently, the act of spraying cool water on your breasts will help them remain perky…. I don’t know if I believe that, but I guess what do I have to lose! I’ll let you know in the next 20 years!

 I find them to be super addictive


They are wonderful for the water bill because I know when I am trying to take a quick shower (and it’s a nice warm one), I tend to stay in there much longer than I initially intended to. But, when it’s a cold one, I might only be in there for a minute or two. It’s so fast because you’re not washing, you’re really just spraying yourself down.


Good all year round


It’s such a weird feeling because you would think in the winter time it is not necessary, but it’s even better! After you get out of the cold shower you are blanketed by this overwhelming heat that your body is making. Your little hairs are standing up, your blood is circulating so fast and rejuvenating you. This is perhaps why they say a cold shower brings a beautiful glow to you.


After my morning cold shower, I feel like I am up for anything, and not only am I up for it but I have huge amounts of energy! I feel like I can run a marathon. I never have experienced this shower “high” before. It’s so easy because all you are doing is spraying cool water on you.


The benefits I feel after a cold shower:

1.Invigorated and excited

2.I can feel my heart racing, but in a good way. I think it may be my adrenaline.

3.It gets me up and feeling alert.

4.Sometimes I burst out in laughter, which also makes me feel great.

5.I have found that it keeps me at a steady weight, perhaps it has to do with metabolism?

6.Call me crazy, but I FEEL like the cellulite on my legs have lessened quite a bit!

7.My skin has a beautiful radiance after I get out (but not too sure how long it lasts)

8.I have energy




Give it a try and tell me how you like or didn’t like it!


Do any of you already take cold showers?



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Until next time


Keep it elegant!


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