Touch of Elegance: How to Eat Healthier Every Day

Touch of Elegance: How to Eat Healthier Every Day

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This one is so hard for me, it actually bothers me a bit. Before I was pregnant, I was the one telling my husband to eat more fruits and vegetables. I was always the one naturally grabbing fruits to eat for my dessert or breakfast. While I was pregnant I couldn’t even look at a fruit or vegetable, let alone actually EAT one! Now, I am still like that to a degree. Thankfully not as bad, but still. So this is how to eat healthier, little tips to include daily so they add up to a one healthy you!


It’s so sad how it used to come so easy and now it is something that I struggle with. It’s not that I am even a picky eater either, but perhaps my taste buds have a taste for the not-so-good and I always fall into my cravings. Not very elegant of me, I know.


So I was thinking of a few ways that I have been adding into my day to help me on my path to eating healthier again. Not necessarily for my weight, but just for my overall well-being.  It is no lie that when you eat better, you feel much better! And the older I get, the more it rings true!


So let’s just jump right in and see some tips to a healthier day!


How to Eat Healthier Every Day


Start right at breakfast

I feel that breakfast is so important. Not because it is the first meal, but I feel that how you start your morning is usually how the rest of the day will follow. If you have cold pizza for breakfast, well, you kind have set the tone for the day and possibly for lunch and dinner you won’t make such an effort because you could say to yourself “Well I had pizza for breakfast so who cares?!”


To be honest, my breakfast isn’t much of one. I usually just have a cup of coffee or two and a few little lady fingers/ coffee cookies. They aren’t really cookies that you would imagine, but just kind of bland dip-able cookies. They are so good! I am not so hungry in the morning and this just ties me over to lunch time.


So let’s look at some better ways I can include into my morning.


Seeing as I don’t want to eat much of anything in the morning, I could substitute my cookies for some whole grain bread and a pat (let me put the stress of pat!) of butter. It is not as great for dipping but at least there is some fiber. Have half a cup (or about 4 tablespoons) of yogurt. Then to round it off a bit of fruit.


Now that is a great way to start the day!


With my cookies, even though there is little sugar I am just getting a rush of sugar. There is nothing of substance holding me longer than an hour so I get hungry again. Sometimes if I am writing and sipping on my coffee, I will have half the box of cookies. Just embarrassing!


Think about getting protein, carbs, fats/oils, and vitamins

Every meal should include all of these.


Back about 10 years ago I read French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure. I loved this book and if I have time I love going back and reading it over again. She writes so well that it’s always an enjoyment to sit down and read one of them. Well she talks about the three protein, carbs, and fats. How every day we should aim to have them all.


I do love how simple that advice is.


Here is a list, (but not limited to…)

Proteins:  cheese, yogurt, meat, fish, eggs, peanut butter, tofu, beans, legumes,

Carbs: anything made with flour (breads and pastas), fruits, vegetables, honey,

Fats/Oils: butter, ghee, lard, olive oil, vegetable oil,

Vitamins: fruits, vegetables,


So I can try to make sure every meal includes at least one of them. For me the most important is always the vitamins.


Another great book of hers that I really love is French Women Don’t Get Facelifts: The Secret of Aging with Style & Attitude. She talks about food and great tips to think about daily!




Drink more water

We all knew this one was coming!


Everyone tells us we should be drinking more. We all know we should be drinking more. So why don’t we drink more?


For starters, it’s a bit boring. So that’s why I started drinking bubbly water!


But try whatever you need to do in order to drink more. Try adding a few every day. Sometimes if I know I haven’t been drinking too much I will remind myself at the start of every hour that I need to drink a glass of water. So every hour I am at least having a glass of water and sometimes I remember, but if I am busy I might forget. However if I have been doing well the rest of the day, I still got enough water to be good.


Stop eating when you’re not hungry not when you’re full

This is a very important one because overeating can be the culprit for so many ailments. Whether we are overweight and have health concerns to being gassy and bloated.


If we would listen to our bodies and quit eating once we feel content we would all be much happier.  Perhaps the only day we are allowed to overeat is Thanksgiving!


But don’t you just hate it so much! There is nothing you can do but wait it out for your body to digest it!


You might think that your body doesn’t tell you fast enough. One minute you’re starving and the next minute your full. That could be a sign that you have to slow things down. Take smaller bites. Chew more thoroughly and try to describe the food you’re eating.


You will find by slowing down and stop eating when you are no longer hungry, the pounds will melt off and maintaining your weight will be so much easier.


Being in touch with your body and listening to its sign will make it easier throughout your life. With every passing year your body will need and crave different things, but the same rules still apply. Eat only until you are no longer hungry.



An elegant woman enjoys healthful food.

There are so many more tips I can think of because this is something I am passionate about. I plan on doing either a mini series or a long post on more ways to be healthy.


Being elegant is about respecting your body and what goes into it.


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Keep it elegant!


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