Touch of Elegance: Elegant Additions - Give Thanks Before you Eat

Elegant Additions – Give Thanks Before you Eat

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When starting out to be more elegant, I find that if  you start by adapting a new habit every so often when you seem ready is the best, most effective way to keep the lifestyle.


It’s better than just going all in and finding that it is too much change, usually setting yourself up for failure. So this week on Touch of Elegance, I am going to write about one thing you can add or replace instead to adapt a more elegant lifestyle.


I call it Elegant Additions.




For today’s Elegant Additions – Give Thanks Before you Eat.


Giving thanks traditionally is a prayer before you eat to show gratitude to God that he has blessed you with a meal. It was not something to be taken for granted.


Before, eating was not something to overlook because there could be times when there wasn’t any food to eat!


Not like when we were growing up. The daily question we would ask mom, “What’s for dinner?” We were so lucky that instead of wondering WHAT were we going to eat, we could have been wondering IF we were going to eat.


We are  living in a generation where that is very different from the rest of human history.


Humble Reminder

I like to give thanks and sometimes I forget, but I aim to do it before every time I eat.


Even if you’re not a religious woman, the fact that you are giving thanks to something or someone will still help you to reap the benefits. It doesn’t need to be a formal affair with your hands together and bowing your head. That is not necessary. But a little quiet thought before you begin eating is really all you need. You don’t need others to see you doing it, this is for you not anyone else.


Food scarcity is still an alarming issue even here in Canada and the States. So much that you wouldn’t believe it. We have programs for children in school to eat breakfast and now they are being extended into the summer because this might be the only real meal they receive that day!


It’s something I feel extremely passionate about because we are a throw-away society. What really hurts is that these people don’t even look like what you expect. They look like every other child or parent. It’s impossible to tell the difference. I hear stories of single mothers who won’t have a true meal in days so her children can have more food.


It really does make you think that the next time you take a bite of something, that so many people would want to be in your shoes.


Most of us are very lucky compared to other generations.


There is usually food everywhere we turn. Whether we are at home or out, food is in abundance.


We just accept that we are going to eat (whenever we want) and that there will be (more than) enough food. I am guilty of this.


However, it doesn’t mean that I don’t acknowledge that there are people suffering.


By saying a little prayer before you eat will help you to remember how lucky you are. It really does bring you down to earth. To give thanks is  a constant reminder to remain humble and to not take things for granted, because life is so uncertain.


This is how to be truly thankful.


I am not saying that you need to always finish everything on  your plate or to never throw food out.




You are missing the point.


Mindful and slow eating

But saying thank you for dinner is also showing appreciation to anyone who made your meal or to any animal that had to die.


It helps to connect with your food more and not just eat it without pleasure or mindfulness.  It forces  you to slow down and not rush through it because something had to be slaughtered for you.


To be connected more deeply to your food is a great way to stay healthy.




Be thankful and feel your heart grow bigger

I just ask that you recognize how fortunate you are.


An elegant tip is to always remind yourself of this because it does change you as a person. In the greatest way possible.


Acknowledge that you are eating without the burden of having to decide to eat either now or later. And be thankful that you are able to without worry for your next meal.


It helps you become more elegant because you don’t take things for granted. Since you will not only be thankful, but feel thankful, you will soften and be more generous. You will want to share and help others. It is a cycle that will make  your life feel more fill and enriched.


This will happen naturally.


It is a by-product of your humble attitude.  You will embody elegance and it will radiate off of you. It’s hard to believe that just by saying a simple grace before you eat, or quietly being thankful can have such an impact, but it will.


Some people wonder how to be more generous without feeling like you’re sharing everything or that it will be hard. This is the secret! To be truly thankful.


Give it a try. Before anything you eat today, don’t only say a thank you….but feel it.


People will take notice, all because of two simple words: Thank you.




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Until next time


Keep it elegant!


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