Touch of Elegance: Elegant Additions - Eyelash Curler

Elegant Additions – Eyelash Curler

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This might sound incredibly superficial. Well, because it is. For today’s post, we are talking about Elegant Additions – Eyelash Curler.


Women all over the world are jumping quickly to get fake eyelash extensions and eyelash tinting. I think this is absurd and incredibly dangerous if you are not careful. I’ve heard of horror stories and for something that is just pure vanity. Plus it can get very expensive!


An eyelash curler is less than $10! Much more my style!


Women with long dark eyelashes are seen as beautiful, so we all try to achieve this look and sometimes with mascara alone, it can’t give you the look you want. It’s much easier to go to a salon and get these glued on for a few weeks. Remember, we are a society where bigger is better!


What is it going to get to? If my one inch lashes are great, imagine what 3 inch lashes will do for me!


Before it used to be just for special occasions, but just like everything else, it has become something that women get on a regular basis. Like nails, fake eye lashes are common place. I’m sure you know someone who does this! I even see so many and I don’t live in a huge city.


Desire to have more attractive eyes.


Mine are nothing to get excited about. Sadly.


My eyelashes are on the lighter side and need all the curling they can handle. I was by no means gifted with beautiful eyes. But I work with what I have and do so by curling them with my old style curler.  I don’t see how people will want to risk their eyelashes with an eye irritant right next to your eye. It’s so dangerous and the outcome may not be worth it. It may be beautiful, but frankly, it’s not you.


But am I one to talk? I do dye my hair…sshhh


I get it, but there are more options!


Do the pros outweigh the risks?


The reason for this post is because lately I have been reading accidents from salons or other underground places not licensed to do so. They are applying the false lashes on women with the wrong glue, some cases they were using nail glue (yes… NAIL glue) and the poor women are leaving with burns and terrible allergic reactions. It terrifies me, because you were only given one set of eyes and you can’t get those replaced. So I wonder why women would risk their eyes for something so superficial.


I mean, after it is done, they do look beautiful. When done correctly, they do look nice. I wouldn’t say natural because it is easy to spot them, even if you were born with the most luscious eye lashes, they won’t be an inch long. Especially in pictures, they look really nice. I’ve known girls to get it done for their wedding, which is beautiful. But what I am against, is that they get it done as biweekly maintenance.


So, I would like to talk about eyelash curlers. They help to widen the eye when you are tired. They bring more attention to your eyes by making them seem larger and more beautiful. Often times when I curl them, people think I am wearing mascara. They are noticed much more and people comment on the length. The curler also does less harm to your lashes as well.


Give it a shot and see how beautiful your eyes become! Au natural with a boost!


Try it! Either use the one you have or go and buy one. They aren’t too expensive, and if you’re careful they can last for probably forever!


Why not stick to the basics and just curl your eyelashes? I don’t wear mascara, mainly because I think I look so ridiculous in it. They clump (don’t blame the mascara, it is probably me), they are dark and I just am not used to seeing myself with such makeup. By the end of the night, I look like a raccoon that looks like its had a bad night. Very not elegant!


However, I do like to curl them. It gives the illusion that I am wearing makeup without the actual mascara. No clumping to worry about and it’s truly natural looking. Best of both worlds.


Tip: You can always use a little oil on your eyelashes if you like because sometimes that helps with the curling process. I just adore how natural it is and how there aren’t any worries with clumping. Using castor oil can help to lengthen and thicken the lashes. over time too! I usually use a touch of olive oil (mainly because I always have that).  But please be careful and use sparingly because too much oil can irritate your eyes and burn a bit. Nothing permanent, but still nonetheless, very annoying!


In the end…


There’s nothing I can say, )nor does it matter) because people will still get fake eyelashes, just like other “improvements”. But I think nothing is sexier than a woman who oozes confidence in everything that she is.


Nothing is sexier than a woman who oozes confidence in everything she is. Click To Tweet


So trust your own beauty, and curl your lashes. See how you feel. Does it make you feel sexier?


Do you not notice any difference?


Maybe you’ll never wear mascara again!





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Until next time


Keep it elegant!


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2 thoughts on “Elegant Additions – Eyelash Curler

  1. Thank you for this post. As with any beauty maintenance, do your research and ask around for recommendations of experts. I also look at the grade of the salon before having a seat. This is for anything you do, from nails to lashes to hair to waxing. You must know and understand your state’s grading system and your salon’s grade for the sake of your health. Infections are neither beautiful nor elegant. Caveat emptor!

    1. I agree completely Ann-Marie, sometimes I feel like we dismiss the real dangers of beauty maintenance, it’s so easy to look the other way! Even dying my hair can be a problem…what we do for vanity!!

      Yes it’s true, anything infected is very not elegant! Not only does it hurt, but it looks just scary (and can be pretty serious too).

      What you say is very true, just do your research and understand everything that comes with it. Then you can make the best judgement call. Plus there are always precautions to take, for example when you go to get a manicure, you can bring your own tools so there is a less of a chance of infection.

      Have a good day Ann-Marie and thanks for commenting 🙂

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