Touch of Elegance: Elegant Additions - Painted Nails

Elegant Additions – Painted Nails

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Let’s make this clear, I only wish I could have model-like hands. I don’t spend any money on manicures or going to spas. But I really do relish in having beautiful hands. (At least I try to) I don’t have the nicest nails. I try to grow them out and I will seem successful for a while, but then I will do something careless and end up breaking one and then I have to start all over again. I love painted nails.

An elegant woman has beautiful hands.


Which does not necessarily mean long shapely nails. But as long as they are nicely manicured with attention to detail then I believe they will be elegant. One of the most important thing to remember is that they need to fit into your lifestyle. It’s too hard for your life to bend around your hands. I should know…


The reason why I chose to add nail polish to elegant additions is because when you do have nicely painted nails you tend to be softer with them. You tend to slow down and be more meaningful with your hands.


At least that is how I feel when I take care of them. If I had put on even clear nail polish and file them and do a little manicure, I feel more feminine and therefore I act a bit more too. I really do slow down and try to calculate my moves so I don’t end up smacking my hands on anything. When I have dirty or short nails, I don’t feel as much of an elegant woman. Perhaps this is only myself with this weird delusion. My husband seems to think so. He doesn’t get how women are very attached to their nails.


Don’t believe me?…Try it!

I recommend painting your nails because it really does help them to prevent breaking… trust me, I have wasted a lot of time watching nail videos…(that isn’t so elegant) but having the beautiful nails accentuate my hands (always elegant) makes me feel better. This might sound crazy but it is the same as when you wear an outfit that makes you ooze confidence. You know you look good in it and you will feel better wearing it.


And like I have mentioned in my other post with driving gloves… you look at your hands so many times a day that if you don’t like what you see, it can drive you crazy!


When I stop and actually think about it, I do find it funny. When I have some nail polish on it can transform me into a slow, graceful woman. I tend to pay more dedicated attention to how my hands are placed and how they are moving. I also see how my hands are being viewed by others.


When the inevitable happens…

But if I break a nail and it is beyond repair, I cut them all down and I feel like I lose a bit of my femininity. Well… maybe my husband is right. Maybe I am a tad delusional. But for me, a little TLC and manicuring/massaging, can do wonders for the rest of me.


It’s crazy how by paying a little attention to my nails and taking better care of them, can help me become more elegant and graceful in my movements. I hate when I feel like my hands are in great shape and I cut my nail when I am in the kitchen chopping food for dinner. It really makes me mad because usually more often than not, it is only because I am not paying close enough attention.


In other words, I was not being very elegant.



Do any of you ladies understand where I am coming from?


Do you experience the same thing as I do? Perhaps for you it isn’t nail polish…maybe it’s hair styles?


Let me know in the comments!


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Until next time


Keep it elegant!


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