Touch of Elegance: Elegant Additions - Pearls

Elegant Additions – Pearls

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This one is a tad obvious, but deserves enough attention to be spoken about. Pearls are just so beautiful without being flashy. They are appropriate with any age of woman, even girls can get away with it. They do not scream “look at me and all my money” nor do they seem cheap.


You can purchase expensive almost flawless ones, or you can go to any costume jewellery store and buy fakes . Even if you do buy the fake ones, they still look so amazing that it wouldn’t really matter at all. It’s so hard to tell the difference from a far and you still look so elegant wearing them.


Why do I think pearls are best when starting out?

Besides the fact that they are more affordable, but they are also very neutral. There are some factors to take into account, like the size of each pearl and also if they are a necklace, how long it is. With pearl necklaces, they come in so many different sizes and varieties that there is one for everyone woman. They also play with different colors.


So incredibly versatile – check.

Very elegant in it’s simplest form – check.

Can wear them everyday without looking mismatched – check.


If you are going to buy one for your first time, I would always choose ones that are very simple, neutral and ones that you know can go with everything in our closet. The most versatile piece, is the single strand. Find the right length which is not-too-long or too-short (I say an inch from the middle of your collarbone is a great place to start) and the pearl size is appropriate for your own body.


You only need one


Then once you have bought it, you can slowly add more pieces if you wish. Ones that more elaborate or just different.This can be so much fun because there are so many different kinds out there. But if you would rather buy quality rather than quantity, I would choose one that I can’t live without and then take wonderful care of them.


Some pearl rules

When applying lotion, don’t wear them.

When spraying perfume/hairspray/anything scented or sticky, don’t wear them (they are very porous and will absorb anything it comes into contact with and will cause discoloration – yes even sweat will eventually ruin them)

Don’t shower with them.

Don’t sleep with them. (Or anytime they can be pulled or tugged on, this will loosen the string and can potentially break)

If they are real, do get them restrung once in a while.

Don’t let them near any chemicals (even jewelry cleaning solution) and that includes water as well!

Care for them with all the love and they really can last for generations!



Pearls + jeans = Elevated Everyday

Pearls are best when starting out because of simply how elegant they are. You can wear them to any fancy gala or wedding and they can be dressed down with jeans and a shirt. There aren’t many pieces of jewelry that can do this without looking out of place or drawing too much attention. Since you can wear them for so long, they can become one of your signature looks.  It honestly is the best piece of jewelry for any woman of any age that wants to elevate their everyday.


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Do you own pearls? How do you feel wearing them everyday?


Have they been passed down from generation to generation?


What kind of jewellery do you wear everyday?





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Until next time


Keep it elegant!


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