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How to Make an Elegant First Impression

With school starting and everyone is getting back into the swing of things, I thought how delectable it is write about how to make an elegant first impression.    We all know the importance of them, everyone always says how much influence the first seven...

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How to Exude Elegance- When All is Going Wrong

So, it's been one of those weeks.    You know what I am talking about? Where you're thinking one way and then the complete opposite happens?!   Which is fine, this is what happens in life! And unfortunately it happens to us all. But how is an elegant woman...

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Are We Too Connected?

I begin this post the same way I begin my other posts. In a notebook. I gather my ideas, my thoughts and anything else I want to include in this post in a spiral notebook. But what is different is that the internet went down at my house temporarily for...

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Let Things Go

Let things go.   Letting go of grudges and other issues, including your own insecurities, will only help you feel at peace with yourself. This is one way that an elegant woman always seems so sure of herself.   People assume that it is only when there are...

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"Elegance is Refusal"

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