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Are We Too Connected?

I begin this post the same way I begin my other posts. In a notebook. I gather my ideas, my thoughts and anything else I want to include in this post in a spiral notebook. But what is different is that the internet went down at my house temporarily for...

Practice your Handwriting

This is truly a lost art. Do you like to practice your handwriting?   Probably not, because we type now, not write. I am even guilty of it!   But that is no excuse. There will be day when you need to write something and with that opportunity you can make...

Be Gentle

To be gentle can show a lot about who you are.   It can not only portray a woman who is a true lady, but it also can be something people notice and admire. In today's world, as woman, we are taught at a young age that we are to be strong, don't back down...

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"Elegance is Refusal"

Said famously by Coco Chanel.

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 Refusing that?



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