Wearing clothes is an expression of yourself, choose them wisely.

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Dress to Flatter Your Body

We are told to do it, but sometimes if you don't know where to start, it can be awfully hard to dress to flatter your body!   It's important to learn because the fashion industry just gives you all these clothes and expects you to just figure it out. Well...

Bras as Shirts Now?

Call me old fashioned.   Call me a prude.   But don't bras belong under your shirts?   I don't know where this "shirt" that look just like a bra or bralette has come in style. Whatever happened to leaving something to the imagination?   Apparently, I am...

Elegance in Frumpy Clothes

How many of you have been there?  Where your clothes are in the laundry and all you have left are some mismatched clothes that don't fit properly, but yet not bad enough that you haven't thrown them out.   You read different blogs and how-to guides and...

Elegant Additions – Pearls

This one is a tad obvious, but deserves enough attention to be spoken about. Pearls are just so beautiful without being flashy. They are appropriate with any age of woman, even girls can get away with it. They do not scream "look at me and all my money"...

Elegant Additions – Perfectly Sized Sunglasses

Sunglasses do so much for you, it adds mystique, adds protection and looks fabulous. But can also make you look ridiculous if you don't have the perfectly sized sunglasses! You must take in consideration not only the shape of your face, but your hair, the...

Wear Driving Gloves

Let's bring back class to the car! Let's wear driving gloves!   I wear driving gloves.   This is a bit old fashioned, and my husband always laughs at me when I get in the car. But I promise that this will help my hands age as gracefully as possible! So...

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