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Drink your Tea Properly

As I sit here writing this post I am sipping from my favorite tea-cup.   I love how dainty and fragile it is. When I place my tea-cup down onto the saucer it makes this delightful little ting sound (I think this all makes the tea even taste better!). It's...

Write Down Everything You Eat

You might be like me and think, " I am pretty healthy!" I aim to always eat more fruits and vegetables. I always want to drink a ton of water. But... what if I told you that what you thought might not even come close to what you need. What if I told you...

Make a Meal from Scratch

Make a Meal from Scratch Today's Touch of Elegance "I COOK WITH WINE, SOMETIMES I EVEN ADD IT TO THE FOOD" - W.C. FIELDS his post contains affiliate links. I would greatly appreciate if you purchased this great book today. I truly consider these books a...

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"Elegance is Refusal"

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