How to Incorporate Elegance Throughout your Day: Afternoon

How to Incorporate Elegance throughout Your Day: Afternoon

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So you’ve finished the morning. Adding elegance wherever you see fit. Now it’s time to look deeper into the afternoon. What ways are there on how to incorporate elegance throughout your day: afternoon.


The afternoon is a special time. Sometimes it is quieter because there isn’t any children home. Perhaps it when you feel like it’s the longest because it is in the middle of when you arrived at work to when you can go home. But I like to look at it as the time to be more awake and try to be just as productive as the morning. Some days it works, some days… not so much!


The afternoon is full of fun and opportunity, for me it is still early in the day for me (I start work at 11 am) so I can have my coffee and sit and read for a little bit before it gets busy. I love the afternoon because the day is not quite half over yet and still has so much potential.



Let’s look into some ways to incorporate some elegance into the afternoon.


Shall we!



How to Incorporate Elegance Throughout Your Day: Afternoon


Smell something beautiful


The way something smells has a lot to do with how you feel. It is amazing how you can be not even thinking about food and you catch a whiff of someone’s hamburger or fried onions walking down the street and your stomach starts to grumble. It happens to all of us! So let’s use our nose to our advantage!


We can do this buy keeping a little sachet of potpourri in our purse or desk drawer. Personally, I have never been one to do this, but I know some people who love it and always are refreshing it when it the scent starts to fade.


I received as a gift one time a travel pack for my eau de parfum and it’s a neat and tidy little thing! It’s my favorite scent, Chanel’s N 5 and I just adore it! So in the afternoon when I want to add a little elegance to an otherwise mundane day, I spray a little bit on and sniff. There are so many good spots to spray like your neck, behind the knees, behind the elbows, but I like the wrist the most. The reason being is when I am in need of a little boost, I can easily smell my wrist getting the full scent.


Plus when I go to reach for something in front of someone or shake their hand, they smell it slightly as well.


If you’re workplace doesn’t allow people to wear anything scented due to allergies, I would recommend spraying a little handkerchief or a cloth and keep it in your purse. Not only do you get to smell the cloth when you need a pick-me up but also the inside of your purse will smell beautiful!



Think of your role models


You may be thinking, why? I am exhausted and tired and I don’t want to be thinking of someone that is so remarkable that it will make me feel bad. Or what’s the whole point?


Well, since it is still early enough in the day, it makes a great time to think of who you want to be more like. Sometimes in the morning we are bubbling with excitement and after saying our affirmations we might be full of good intentions. But after you get to work or some things go unplanned our good intentions wear thin and we are snapping at people or slouching in our chairs.


This is the exact reason why we need to be pushing ourselves to think and try to embody our role models. It will give us the push we all need to strive to be better.


Our role models can be anyone and from day to day it could change seeing as what we are doing. It is important to always have them as inspiration at the back of your minds to always be thinking that you can be a better person. Whether it is having more patience or being more confident. Regardless of what it is, by thinking of your role models, it can help you!



Reapply a dab of makeup


I am not talking about bringing your whole makeup collection in your purse and bringing it around with you. No, not at all! But a quick touch up really does the trick to prepare yourself for the rest of the day.


It could be just to reapply your lipstick after you eat.


This could be powdering your face.


Even curling your eyelashes.


I think it is important to look your best and when you go to the bathroom in the afternoon and reapply some make up, it will make you feel polished like you did in the morning. Sometimes you may not need to add any more makeup or touch up anything, but a simple reassurance in the mirror will make all the difference.


Knowing and feeling polished can really bring you that extra needed confidence to elevate your day and make it something special. This is a quick and wonderful way to incorporate elegance and help you remain poised until you get home.


Have a sip of your Drink of Solace


If you have found the perfect drink, might I suggest adding it here in the afternoon. This is when we feel a bit of a slump happening. To perk yourself up out of it or prevent it from coming, try drinking one of your favorites! (If you’re at work, possibly one that is non-alcoholic is preferred 😉 )


This can elevate the mood and make you feel a bit special while working away or if you’re at home, sometimes that extra cup of something nice can help you carry on you’re heavy load of afternoon activities.


Plus when you are sipping your drink, you’re mind is on a mini break which also helps too!


Text a loved one something lovely!


This is wonderful because it can lift your spirits knowing that you made your mom smile or your dad laugh. And if it’s your husband, make him excited to see you!


It could be something so simple as a “hey hows it going” to something more personal. It doesn’t matter, it’s just something to hear back from someone you love as well.


This little text helps to incorporate elegance into your day because it can help you from getting too stressed out or angry at your own life. Sometimes there are times when I am so frustrated at work and all I think about is work and how annoying it is and how I wish I wasn’t there. However, when I stop for a second and text my sister or mom and they respond with something that puts a smile on my face it makes me realize that I am taking my life or that moment too seriously and need to look at it from the bigger picture.


If you’re a work from home woman or a stay at home mom then you would know and appreciate the conversations not including children!


Embrace lunch as a feast


Even if it just a little sandwich and soup, or something less extravagant eating at your desk.


You don’t need to bring any attention, but a simple more mindful form of eating and understanding that you are eating your lunch and that is it. It helps you to not over eat (which I notice that I do when I am distracted!), it is nice to enjoy the actual flavors and the effort of lunch. 


This moment can really only be five minutes of actual eating, because I understand that not all of us have the time. If we are at work, we don’t always get lunch (depending on the job) or if you have very young children, I get it! You can’t tell them to leave you alone while you eat (“Go change your own diaper!” – wouldn’t go over well)


But, like anything else this season won’t last forever and by trying to practice it daily to enjoy your food will help reinforce the importance to slow down. So when you do have the time (because there will come a time when you will), it won’t be so hard to enjoy your meal because you’ve been practicing this!

Start thinking about dinner


I know what you’re thinking, you just are sitting down or finished lunch!


But if you are able to, start preparing or thinking about dinner!


A big part of being elegant is to be anticipating elegance. Which mostly means being prepared. When you know what you’re cooking and what you’re making then the biggest stress is already off of you. It’s so important to try your hardest at figuring out things ahead of time. It really is one of the secrets to being poised.


If you’re staying home that day or you work at home, you can easily start to prepare your dinner earlier (as long as you allocate time to it). A wonderful reason to start early too is that it can be more healthy because you aren’t rushed and resort to comfort foods or fast foods.


You can slowly brown the onions or marinate meat. You can soak the beans or make bread.


It’s a beautiful sight to see a meal that has been carefully thought out and prepared with love in a peaceful environment then a meal that was whipped together using bought-frozen-from store that is a monotone color and looks unappetizing while you rushed home and scoured the fridge for ideas.


If you are the cook in the family, it is best to start and prepare early for a more elegant state of mind throughout your day!


In the end…

Believe that every part of your day can be filled with elegance and should be filled with elegance. It is always easier to poised when your day is filled with it! The best part of practicing it, is that it comes easier and easier! Before you know it, you aren’t even forcing yourself to be elegant, it just will happen naturally.


Try including some elegance into your afternoon and elevate it to be the best afternoon possible because everyday should be a day where you celebrate!


Did I miss any? Let me know!



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Until next time


Keep it elegant!


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