Touch of Elegance: Let the Morning Air in you House

Touch of Elegance: Let the Morning Air in your House

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I am a firm believer in allowing the morning dewy air in the house. No matter what time of year. I love to let the morning air in because I feel like it truly cleanses each room. It removes the stale air that has been in the house all day and exchanges it with lighter and fresher air.



By changing the air, it changes the moods we are all in.


Have you ever accidentally woke up early before and you were so tired and groggy but couldn’t fall back asleep? Then you stumbled down stairs all upset and grumbling at yourself, and went to let the dog out to only be rushed with the cool breeze which made you feel better all of a sudden?


My thoughts are probably yes!


Sometimes when I am in a little rut and I sleep in a lot, I try to wake up early and open a window or go outside. I know that the crisp air always rejuvenates me! Puts me in an elegant state of mind.


I find it remarkable that something so simple and something we experience everyday can really elevate your start to your day. Not only does it make you feel alive, but it reminds you that today is full of possibilities and it only  just began.

Morning silence.


It’s not just the air that I love so much, it’s also the silence the morning offers. It’s the fact that I am the only one up in the house and outside is just starting to wake up. There aren’t many cars out yet, so the roads are calm.


All I hear is nature.


The wind in the tress and the birds chirping in song. Not to mention the sun rising. This never fails to put me in a great mood, I am pretty sure it would put anyone in a better mood. It is an experience for all of my senses. I don’t know if everyone feels this way about the morning, but I just think it is the most productive, enticing, and wonderful part of the day.


It’s the time I clean, I write, I think, I prepare. It’s the right time for anything.


But back to the air


Morning air not only feels better but it smells different too. The sweetness and almost-cleaner smell is unlike the rest of the day which makes it that much more divine. I find that any time of the year, it doesn’t matter, it still invigorates and uplifts.  It is not yet too hot in the summer and it is brisk and refreshing in the winter. The smell of rotting leaves in the fall and in the spring is the scent the greenery coming to life.


The morning has so much to offer!


My husband used to not think so much about it, but once he discovered the benefits that I felt, he understands why I love being up so early going outside. He’s not quite a morning person…yet.


Don’t underestimate it’s effects


There is something so invigorating about the morning . Possibly it is the fact that there are so many endless possibilities that can happen. Perhaps it’s the fact that a new day has just started. It could even be that you have your whole day to do something worthwhile. But whatever it is, I can’t get enough.


I have just became a morning person again lately. You know that when your in university or college you usually become a night person because that’s when you hang out with your friends and lets face it, that’s when all the fun begins. Then I met my husband and he is also a night owl. So I kept it up, trying to stay up later to be with him more, watch our movies or shows together. But then I was so tired in the morning and I absolutely hated it.


I slowly went to bed earlier and earlier, not really wanting to but it was coming natural. It was as if my body was telling me something. When I started to get up earlier, I realized how good it felt. I realized how pure* the air smelt and felt like the right thing.


When I wake up in the morning, I open up all the windows that I am near. If I can, I love to go outside and just be in the moment, even if it just for a minute or two. To give thanks, to appreciate the beauty, to just feel alive and to soak in the potential of each and every day.

In the end…


To live an elegant and passionate life you must go out there and find these tiny pleasures that help you fall in love with the everyday. These little seemingly insignificant details is what excites you and puts that sparkle in your eye and gives you the unmistakable glow people notice.


It’s a combination of childlike wonder and naivety mixed with knowing that you might never experience this exact feeling again.


It’s not just the morning air that gives you the essence of elegance, but it is the feeling you get when you soak up all the excitement out of each and every morning.



Why I love the morning air

1.It’s full of possibilities, since it is the morning, you have the whole day to do something great.

* 2.The air feels fresher (so I did a bit of research, turns out that air quality early in the morning and at night traps more pollutants closer to the ground so therefore, is a bit worse than in the afternoon- depending on how much car traffic there is in your area. Who would have thought?!!)

3.It’s quiet and nature has front center stage.

4.In the summer it’s not too hot yet, and in the winter the crisp cool air doesn’t feel as harsh.

5.The world looks more beautiful with the morning light.

6.Every morning gives you another opportunity to do this, even if you miss one, there’s always tomorrow.


Are you a morning person?

Do you love waking up early and opening the windows to let in the morning air?


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Until next time


Keep it elegant!


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