Get off your phones!


I can’t believe how people can be on the phone especially when  you are in the company of others!


The crazy thing is, is that not only does it happen everywhere in the world, but it now happens with every single age!! No one is safe!


I feel badly for the people whose company is too focused on their phones than on the topic of conversation! To live an elegant life it is about giving others your full undivided attention. They deserve it, don’t you think?


My husband and I were out to dinner and I saw this…


All three of them were on their phones… and for a while!!!


Then, after about 10 minutes, a mom and daughter duo sat near us. Not too long after they sat, we saw this….

I felt a little creepy taking the pictures, but they didn’t notice!!! Plus I was super sly 😉


It’s a little funny too because you can see the people behind STILL on the phones!!!

I find it so depressing when this happens.


Especially over a meal too! The one time a day when you can put everything down and truly enjoy breaking bread with a loved one.


Getting away from the plugged in world can really help you regain your composure and patience.


This is so prevalent when talking about elegance too because when you are elegant you are not distracted.When you are elegant you do  not accept this kind of behavior (from yourself or others).


Being elegant is being in the moment and not making others feel like you could be somewhere better.


Why do we let this happen?

Do you think I am overreacting?


I don’t think so…. but maybe you do?


I get it, there are times when you need your phone. There might be something you’re looking up that can enhance the conversation or even answer some questions. But when you are just on social media or texting others that is when I feel that our society is going to turn badly. We are all allowing this to happen and it needs to stop before it gets worse.


When we let this become the norm, that is when we lost the battle! (Hopefully not the war though)


But what can we do if we are with someone who relentlessly checks their phone?


This is a very good question. You don’t want to nag. You don’t want to  seem pushy or complain too much. However, you also don’t want to let this happen regularly! It puts a strain on yourself and your relationship.


There are a few things you can do…


1) Be polite and suggest that BOTH of you put your phones away.

Because you are suggesting that both of you do this, it doesn’t seem like you are pointing the finger at them. No one feels that they are being insulted and everyone wins!


2) Every time they grab for their phone ask them a question about themselves.

People love talking about themselves so if you distract them with something that they will want to talk about, it might stop them from grabbing their phone and you can carry on a conversation.


3) When you are out, don’t even touch your own phone.

Sometimes by quickly looking at your phone, it can give the other people an excuse to look at theirs. Even if it is only for a moment, that moment can lead into much longer. Don’t give them any reason to touch their phone at all.

In the end…


You display to others how you want to be treated. So if you are always on your phone, then they will be too.


We need to put an end to being distracted with technology at meals. We need to keep this sacred and we all deserve the quiet moments that make memories.


Do yourself a favor and don’t go on your phone. Enjoy yourself and your company and give them the undivided attention that you also want.


I hope you have a great day and I’ll be seeing you soon!!!!!


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