Touch of Elegance: Love that Old Table

Touch of Elegance: Love that Old Table

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This post isn’t about actually loving any old table. It’s about wanting to love that old table!


It doesn’t even necessarily need to be a table, it could be chairs or a couch maybe even your whole kitchen! If I am not really making myself clear, it is about loving the things (furniture, clothes, home) you already have because no matter what you have, you’ll never be happy!


Don’t compare

It is so easy for us to watch television, read a magazine go over to a friend’s house or worse of all Pinterest and admire what everyone else has, then go home and just be miserable with everything in your house.


But this is only setting you up for disaster, EVERY TIME! We are creatures of we-want-what-we-don’t-have. And this rings true in so many different aspects of our life! How many times have you said you loved a woman’s hair because it was opposite what yours is? Probably a lot! I know I have!


So when we look at our house in a judgemental eye instead of a loving eye, of course we are going to see the many flaws that need fixing! We are going to see the ugly furniture because there is always something new on the market that looks better! But this is the exact temptation that we need to stop ourselves from falling into! It’s really a never-ending cycle.


Be happy with what you have


My husband and I are going through that now. We bought a house about five years ago and we are slowly renovating it. It was a complete fixer upper because that is all we could afford to be in a good neighborhood. We didn’t quite know what we were tackling here. But throughout the years we had finished the living room and an extra living space. They look amazing (in our eyes!) and we could not be more proud.


Unfortunately, it’s quite addictive and you will want to keep the ball rolling (although our wallets won’t let us!). You start to think “Well, what if I bought a new table and chairs and then it would look better!”


It’s kind of funny how you start making excuses and justifying why you need to buy something. Not very elegant!


101 Ways of an Elegant Woman — I don’t think you’ll find : Her way to happiness is through new furniture!


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Our parents are more of the people, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. It’s just that whole generation. This is the mentality that we need to adapt, or at least try to keep in mind.


That may be true, but even in the new room that we remodeled and decorated, I still find things I can “fix” in it or add to make it even better. It’s quite sad and when I realize that I am doing it, I snap myself out and start looking at my house in it’s beautiful ways.


You see what I am saying… we are just never satisfied!


It’s terrible because we seek happiness in material objects such as new furniture, but give it time for the ‘high’ to wear off and we are left empty and wanting more to fill that space. It’s sad and sounds quite stupid.


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Change your mindset

So in order to not fall victim to sad vicious cycle, I say love that old table! Embrace those vintage chairs ( see what I did there! 😉 )! Breathe life into the new cupboards with a little elbow grease and TLC. You see you can fall back in love with what you had when you bought it because it wasn’t the actual object you were in love with it was the fact that it’s pretty and new.


Changing your mindset always has ways to make yourself better!  It’s finding the glass half-full side of you! It starts to change other parts of your life too!


But if you tweak it just a bit or paint it, maybe even just rearrange the furniture you will not spend much money and the void is filled therefore making you feel happy and temporarily satisfied.


Embrace what you have because that is most likely all you need.


Love your old table and give it some love. Because this will make you much happier in the long run!


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Until next time


Keep it elegant!


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