This is day two of my favorite quotes – Coco Chanel. I really do like Coco Chanel. She had changed woman’s fashion forever. She opted for comfort but at the same time made it very stylish. She was the first of her kind.


She is one of my role models because she was such a hard worker. She had a vision and didn’t let anything stop her. It is rare today to see such a drive in someone. Even though she had her personal misgivings, she never let anything slow her down. She worked well into her old age.


Very admirable.


She not only talked about living and working, she also had very good advice about beauty of a woman. And not just wear more sunscreen, no. It was sound, true advice, such as…


“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”

-Coco  Chanel


The reason I love this quote is because I admire that she isn’t one to be fake and hide who she is. No matter how rich or poor; your upbringing, or lifestyle, any woman can take this advice and take it to heart. It is possible for any woman to be beautiful at any age with this thought.


It is refreshing to find that a woman of her status agrees that it is up to the woman to have the kind of face she deserves. Being always angry or stressed out will take a toll on your face and there is nothing that can hide it as you age.


However, it works both ways.


If a woman enjoys her life, smiles often and laughs as much as she can Yes. she will still have wrinkles, but her wrinkles will be beautiful lines. Ones that showed how much she lived and loved every minute of it.


There is no amount of surgery and makeup that will prevent you from aging. Even the celebrities that can afford and do get all the procedures done to look as young as they can, it is very obvious. People see it and can tell how insecure they are. Again, the face they deserve. Scared and self-conscious. Not two things I would want to be known for.


I don’t believe there is anything wrong with aging. Perhaps because I am in my 30’s that I feel this way and give me a decade or two and perhaps I will feel differently. But, one thing, I don’t have the kind of money to get the procedures done, but I also don’t want to be fake. I am proud of who I am and what I have gone through.


That is the reason of who I am today.



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