Touch of Elegance: My Favorite Quotes - Amelia Earhart

My Favorite Quotes – Amelia Earhart

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There are so many quotes and strong women to choose from when it comes to inspirational women. It’s great that there are, but also makes my life harder trying to narrow down to only a few of them.


What I love most about this quote is that it’s so simple. There is no beating around the bush, no fluff, no extra words. Just a simple action. Do it.


This can be related to everything in life. From starting a new job to painting a room to doing something you’re afraid of to even losing weight.


This quote can be meant for you.


“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

– Amelia Earhart


Stop over thinking it, stop obsessing over it, stop be worried about it and just get up and do it.


I mean, how wonderful!


What I find that prevents me from starting something is not only fear, but the fact that it could be really hard or too much work.  This sounds so ridiculous, I know. We always hear that nothing good in life is easy, but that alone can sometimes deter us. Us humans are sensitive and we are very sensitive at failing. But the truth is, once you actually start what you were once dreading, you will find out that it wasn’t that bad.


I find this with so many parts in life. A dentist appointment you’ve been delaying and delaying. A speech at school that you just keep putting off and hope you will be the last in the class. Starting to lose weight. Even for me to do this blog!


In today’s day, we feel that things shouldn’t be so much work. And if it is too hard, we give up quite easily. If only our great-grandparents would see us, they would probably be yelling at us as they went to fetch water from a watering hole as they fight off a mountain lion for some dinner.


It is probably true, we have become a bit lazy.

To say it simply, our persistence is just plain terrible!


We procrastinate with many things because we are afraid of failing or it not being perfect and then being judged.


I can’t believe how straightforward this quote is but yet how incredibly true it is! 


If you want something done or you have been thinking about something, just get off your bum and do it! Then as you do it, things start to come easier to you. And that terrible fear that you had earlier will vanish because it won’t be as bad! It’s true, nothing really is as bad as it you thought it would be. We have a tendency to make up things in our mind that will make the scenario seem so much worse and daunting than it really is… you’ll usually regret that you didn’t do it sooner.  


So, today ladies, take the words from Miss. Earhart and do something, just get up and do it. Stop over analyzing, stop thinking, stop being scared and just start from one end and keep working up until it’s half done, then eventually finished. You’ll be happy you did!



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Until next time


Keep it elegant!


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