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Consumers, such as ourselves, will return around $70 billion worth of gifts this Christmas season!

Christmas is a magical time of the year. There are beautiful decorations, the music is cheery, there are endless cookies and homemade goodies. Not to mention all the delicious eggnog you can handle (with or without rum!)

However, with all this festive bounty comes the dreaded gift giving and ask the ultimate question of the season.


> What should I buy for      (insert every person that isn’t under 10 years old!)

Let’s face it, buying presents for others can be a daunting task

There are many variables that go into the delicate equation. I will go into detail with a step-by-step mini guide to help buy the perfect heartfelt gift!

If you no longer want to continue reading, may I suggest gift cards?

But if you are more sentimental, let’s carry on!

Adults are Tough to Buy For…

But with my mini-guide, it can be done!

Chances are, the people you have to buy for already have everything they want. As adults we don’t wait for someone to buy us something, we do it ourselves.

This is very liberating, but it can lead to an endless question of what to buy!

It makes sincere gift giving a nightmare!

Thank goodness there is a strategy that can work on even the most difficult and impossible to buy for.

How to Buy The Perfect Christmas Gift For the Hardest on Your List

[Step-by-Step Mini-Guide]

Step 1: Get your list started

This is the easiest part!

Write down every person you need to buy for this year. Even if they are easy it seems unnecessary, it will make your life easier!

The Best Feeling: after purchasing the gifts for that one person, cross it off and do a loud happy dance to celebrate be happy that you are getting closer to finishing your shopping to-do list!


Step 2: Answer the 6 important questions

I remember doing this as a young girl in school when troubleshooting.

These questions can help to narrow down on an answer, and in this case, the BEST Christmas gift!

It’s quite simple, answer the 5 W’s and the 1 H!

  •  Who? >>> Who do like to follow? Who are their role models?
  •  What? >>> What is their favorite _______? What hobbies do they enjoy?
  •  Where? >>> Where do they want to travel? Where do they like to shop?
  •  When? >>> When do they have free time?
  •  Why? >>> Why wouldn’t they like the gift I first thought to get?
  •  How? >>> How do they spend their free time?


In the video, I give a few examples, but really you just have to ask some questions that start with those words. The hardest question to answer is why.

But do try.

Think of all of the questions you can, because the more you answer, the more in depth and specific you can buy. Therefore the gift will be even better!

This might seems a little stupid, but it will help! You might even realize that the perfect gift is just popping out on you!

Realistically: The gift ideas are a lot easier than you think! Like everything keep it simple!

Step 3: Think and Ink

I would like to suggest beginning this step as early as possible.

You can start today, but remember for next year to always keep a notepad in your purse for moments like this!

This takes listening and remembering. Try to do this as discreetly as possible because people drop hints all the time! But they never expect you to actually listen! (I am sure you do this all the time too, sometimes doing it without even noticing!)

When you are able to buy them what they ask for without bluntly asking for it, makes it that much sweeter! It’s a win-win!

Throughout the year, whenever you are with them, watch for all the hints!

Like I said in the video, write down everything you can remember, even if it is crazy! The example I used was if they wanted a Ferrari, well obviously, that would never happen! However, if you are in toy store and you find one that is a dinky version, buy it!

It’s the thought that matters and you will be remembered for it!

You’ll love it: When you see their face as they open a gift that they always wanted but didn’t expect!


Step 4: Wrapping & Little Details

This is not for everyone.

If you’re like my husband, you don’t even notice a well wrapped gift! You just dive right in!

But… if you’re like me, than it’s an art that just needs perfecting!

There are a few things that I think are necessary in doing this…..

  • Purchase blank cards. You fill in the rest! It forces you to write something sentimental and meaningful.
  • Buy name tags. This one is not needed, but adds a nice touch! I love how you can buy such festive ones too!
  • Ribbons and bows. So lovely!
  • Essentials. Tape, sharp scissors, nice pen or marker, wrapping paper, bags, tissue paper.

One thing you need to do ask is whether you are going to do wrapping paper or bags.

A few rules of thumb I like to follow is keep the corners tight. Don’t be scared to trim the wrapping paper, and always start with the gift backwards.

If you want to see a video on perfecting the art of wrapping, please let me know in the comments below! I love doing this because it elevates the gift (which is what we do in our lives!). But I understand it can be a little difficult.

Want to see a video on “How to Perfect the Art of Wrapping”, let me know in the comments below!


It’s exciting: To see all the beautifully wrapped Christmas presents under the tree.


Step 5: Homemade

You love it or hate it, but regardless it’s a nice gesture!

Think outside the box too, it doesn’t need to be a typical homemade gift like jam, it can be something more personal but as equally lovely as a store bought present.

In the video, I suggest a homemade cookbook! You know them best and sometimes for people who are just learning, it can be overwhelming to jump on  a blog or a cookbook. You know what they like to cook, what their favorite foods are. So it is only fitting that you take a bit of time and construct a binder of beautiful recipes that you print out. Even section them off, some being dessert, first, second, etc.

Pinterest has so many ideas it’s insane and overwhelming! But keep an open mind and have fun with it!

Imagine: The gift you made is their favorite, they cherish it and every time they use it, they think of your generosity!

If all else fails?

This can happen!

We can think of all the questions, come up with all the right answers. We can listen for all the hints and try our hardest to find the perfect gift!

But, sometimes it still just doesn’t work (rarely, but it does from time to time).

If all else fails, and you can’t think of a gift – go purchase a gift card for a store you know they like. I know I said earlier that gift cards can be in a gray zone. Some people feel that it is lazy.

I would rather buy a gift, but at the same time, I would rather buy a gift that I know they would enjoy! There are always exceptions to every rule! Just wrap it nicely with a thoughtful card and call it a day!

Don’t forget: Gifts are about the receivers, not the givers. Don’t force yourself to buy a gift knowing they won’t like it.


Buying the perfect Christmas gift is hard and can feel a terrifying task, but it doesn’t have to!

Start today! Right now!

Get out a notepad and follow the first three steps of my mini-guide because that way you will get a head start on your shopping and you will feel great!

In the meantime, browse around and look for some inspiration. Go on Pinterest and look around for some DIY gifts.


Thank you very much!


Until next time ladies,

Keep it elegant!


Jennifer Lynn