Touch of Elegance: Elegant Additions - Perfectly Sized Sunglasses

Elegant Additions – Perfectly Sized Sunglasses

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Sunglasses do so much for you, it adds mystique, adds protection and looks fabulous. But can also make you look ridiculous if you don’t have the perfectly sized sunglasses! You must take in consideration not only the shape of your face, but your hair, the color of the glasses, the shape of the lenses, the style and also your own personality. 


It’s much more complicated than I would have ever thought. Or maybe I am just being picky, well who cares. I do know that a good pair of sunglasses can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. They really are the perfect accessory!


It can hide your face when you’re having a bad day. Especially if you’ve been crying, or drinking too much the night before. Sunglasses can make a 60 year old woman appear to be in her 40’s. They truly are amazing. Who needs a face lift when you got a great pair of shades?


After watching Holly Golightly with the oversized sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it became all the rage. But I am not sure about you, but I’ve noticed them getting bigger and bigger. They are huge! Practically covering over half your face!



Bigger is not better, unless you like the whole alien-bug-eyed look

I am pretty sure they fell victim to the whole “bigger is better” situation that North America has ingrained in all our minds… the same as how the breasts, butts and lips have gone.


But, instead if women looking elegant with these beautiful glasses, we are starting to look like a tad like an alien. They are really in style. Especially if you go and buy cheaper ones. I find that before I used to buy my sunglasses from a kiosk in the mall and they were all wrong for me. And probably 90% of the other women out there too!


But because they were big and I knew that was in style I just thought they looked good on me. Boy was I wrong. When I look at pictures of myself with them I almost get mad that someone didn’t stop me. This is the perfect example of how even if things are in style or may look good on others, can still look absolutely terrible on me. My husband said I looked like a cross between a fly/beetle and an alien.


Spend a bit more and SEE the difference

It wasn’t until I saved up enough money and also was responsible enough for a good pair of sunglasses. (I always seemed to either lose, sit or step on them). I went to a store! Not just a temporary kiosk in the mall.


A real store, with real trained employees that could actually help me!


They had people there that knew face shapes and proper fitting. It was such a difference experience!  This was a true testament to quality over quantity.


I ended up buying these really awesome Ray Bans. And I didn’t care much for the name (mostly because I didn’t know them, but now I see them EVERYWHERE), but the quality was so different than any I was used to! It was amazing to have good quality hinges and they weren’t all plastic.


After that experience I decided to never cheap out again, unless I know that they will get ruined. These ones weren’t cheap but I am STILL wearing them today! They are still considered oversize but they are the perfectly sized ones. They don’t look too big or too out of place.


Just because they’re in style doesn’t mean there for you

It is important to be keeping up with what is stylish and trendy. However, it doesn’t mean that what is fashionable is also classic or may even look flattering on you. I guess it is the same as those micro mini  shorts. Those little pint sized clothes they like to call shorts are good for girls under twenty! Unless you’re a supermodel, these would not flatter many women’s legs.


But my point exactly! They are trendy, but my god, I would ruin that look for everyone if I even attempted to try them on!


Having the right fitted glasses really does wonders with emphasizing  your beauty and your mysteriousness. Just go into a store and see how you feel. You will pay for more quality, but like anything else it will be cheaper in the long run.


Save some money and when you have enough, invest in a good pair of high quality sun glasses and enjoy them!



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Until next time

Keep it elegant!


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