Touch of Elegance: Have Faith

Touch of Elegance: Have Faith

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It’s part of life. Have faith.


Have faith in your spouse, children, in your parents and siblings. You are supposed to have faith for your job and your future. Having faith is something we do on a daily basis. Whether or not you are religious, but having faith in humanity is very important.


Being a Christian woman, I always have faith. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. It gives me a sense of peace to know that it will be okay in the end. To have faith that the problems you will encounter or going through will some how work it self out. But in order to go through it, you must have faith.


An elegant woman has faith.


Again, an elegant woman has faith, even if she does not believe in a higher power. She has faith in herself and in her life. Faith in other people around her and of complete strangers. She knows she can go through anything because she is strong enough and believes in herself.


Having faith isn’t just for the people who are religious, but they are for the people who want a better life. Who know that if they put their faith on to something that they strongly believe in, that it will happen.


Even having faith on humanity can do wonders because you know that there are many good people out there. Where there is people in need, there are givers.



“I am no longer a Christian Scientist, but I believe in something – in the strength, maybe, of the human spirit.”

Audrey Hepburn

Why is it elegant?


When you have faith, and you realize that there are things you cannot control and are out of your hands, a sense of peace can come over you. When you can truly let go of control over you life and begin to accept things and people for as they are, you will become more content and happy. And not necessarily happy like the typical laughing happy, but a serene kind of happy.


One who has faith, exudes confidence and poise. Having faith can help you remain calm in stressful situations because you truly in your heart believe that it will work out.


People will notice how confident you seem not only with yourself but with life as well. It is hard to miss. They will often wonder how you don’t fret about the small things. It’s a very admirable trait to have.

How to have faith?


I completely understand. How is it possible? If you never really did before, where do you start?


Sometimes it can be difficult.


Every day we are bombarded with more terrible and devastating news about humanity. Whether it’s violence, global warming, mistreatment of children or animals, or just pure stupidity, I catch myself asking how can I have faith?


That’s the whole point of faith, is to just have it.


When times are good or bad, just always have faith. Faith in humanity, faith in yourself, faith in God, faith that everything will be taken care of. 


One way I feel helps to have faith is to realize your past and see how everything did work out. You’re still alive and well. Even the small things, for example in school how you were bullied or all your tests. You made it out alive, stronger and smarter. Whether or not it worked out completely in your favor, the point is that it worked out.


A second tip to have faith is to obviously believe in a higher power. Believe that you are part of a master plan and you are an essential part of it. This one is hard if you’re not a believer. But I feel this one is the most important one to give you the sense of comfort and tranquility.


A third tip to have faith today is to believe that there ARE other good people out there. This one isn’t as hard if you’re not a believer because with the bad of people we do hear the good. How generous people are, how someone saved a life, how people offer their time and expertise. It happens everyday and all the time. We should have faith that people will do the right thing when prompted to.


A good way to help initiate someone’s generosity is to be generous yourself. Give to someone and it could catch on.


I was talking to a friend of mine and she works at a coffee chain called Tim Hortons (for all my Canadian readers!) and they have a drive thru there. One person started an amazing thing. They paid for the person’s order behind them. That lasted 27 cars! So that means 26 other people when they arrived at the window to pay had been told that the person ahead of them had taken care of their bill. So to pay it forward and return the gesture they paid for the person behind them!


See people are good, especially when they are nudged, it just takes that one person.





Why an elegant woman has faith

1.Because without it, she is a sad and angry woman.

2.There are good people out there, and she chooses to believe it. She is a genuinely good person and knows she’s not the only one.

3.Acknowledging faith helps her to remain calm and poised because things will always work itself out in the end. Even if it is not how she would like, regardless, it will be okay.

4.It opens her heart up.

5.Because faith is what can motivate someone to be the best they can be in any given situation. It helps them to take a chance with someone or for something. It can be the difference of helping someone in need or staying home remaining ignorant.


Do you have faith?

Is having faith something you struggle with?




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Until next time


Keep it elegant!


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