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Hello everyone!


I hope all is well and going great!


Today is a little different of a post and I thought it would be more fun to do something a little Christmas themed! Seeing as it is now December!

(Let’s pause for a moment as the anxiety sets in!)…

Okay, now that that’s over, how about something a little light?


For those who don’t know me, I adore everything Christmas. I really do. It just means that there is more gatherings with friends and family, lots of cookies and decadent desserts and a time where you can sing along with really annoying music!


I am not sure if you notice it, but there is just something different in the air when it’s Christmas time. Perhaps it’s the scent of intoxicating cinnamon buns or that sparkle in children’s eyes as they try not to misbehave because Santa will find out. I just love this time of year.


One of my favorite vloggers, Jennifer L. Scott, she has The Daily Connoisseur, did this wonderful little video. The best part is you tag others to answers the same questions and everyone gets to have a little fun. I didn’t get tagged, but I really like the idea and thought I would carry it on, because I would love to hear some of your answers too!


It was originally started out by Jennifer from The Family Fudge and Becky from A Place to Next. (I subscribe to all three ladies, I really enjoy watching their videos! – check them out!)


The Very Merry Christmas Tag


Alrighty, so this is how it works….

Watch the video and either agree or disagree with some of my answers.

Then, I would love to hear you answer at least one of these questions in the comments below. Let’s help each other get in the Christmas spirit and lift everyone’s mood!

If you would like to do a blog post about it or a do a video, I would love to know the answers!

Don’t you just love the holidays! ūüôā


So the questions are:

1) What are your feelings on “Black Friday” shopping? Are you brave and head out with the crowds, do you shop online or do you avoid it all together?

2) What is your favorite gift you’ve ever given to someone else?

3) Do you do Christmas Cards? Yes or No? And if you do, are they with traditional cards or photo cards?

4) If you were a Christmas elf, what would your specialty be? Reindeer wrangler, chief decorator, toy maker, gift wrapper, baker, or management?

5) Eggnog – tall glass or throw it in the trash?

6) What is your Christmas decorating style? Classic red and green, shabby chic, country/farmhouse, colorful/jewel toned? And does it change from year to year?

7) Favorite childhood Christmas memory?

8) If you could borrow Santa’s sleigh on Christmas eve, where in the world would you go?

9) What is your favorite ornament?


10) Christmas Tree… real or fake?

11) What is your favorite Christmas movie?


Watch the video for the answers!



What Everyone Should Do this Christmas Season!

[Guaranteed to get you in the Christmas Spirit]


I thought I would also make a little list of what you should do this Christmas season!


Sometimes we are all so busy to do stop and realize that Christmas is such a magical time of the year!


Let’s take a moment to really try to take in the holidays and make it just that much sweeter this year!¬†

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