Touch of Elegance: Washing by Hand

Touch of Elegance: Washing by Hand

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Whether it is the dishes or the floor I find that washing by hand not only gives you a better end product but it really helps to clear your mind and keep busy.


‘Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop’


As they say ‘Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop’, and for good reason. When you are just sitting there and not doing anything productive, that is when you can get into trouble. So I take it (possibly a bit too literal) and keep my hands busy by doing things that modern conveniences had already been invented for.


I draw the line at washing clothes by hand! But I think you get my point.


We don’t have a dishwasher so we have to wash all the dishes by hand. This might seem like a chore to most, but honestly I love it. (Okay, not ALL the time). It is one of the most effective mindful exercises you can give yourself. When you’re not rushed, it is really a relaxing chore that shouldn’t be dismissed. Between the instant gratification of clean dishes to a job getting done by seeing the clean dishes pile up and the dirty sink clear out makes you feel productive. The smell of the dish soap and the warm water on your hands are an added bonus.


A moment to slow down by doing something simple in our busy, chaotic lives can really make a difference in our well being.


Even the floor, washing it by hand


Washing it by hand gives you a sense of satisfaction that is so great, plus I feel like it cleans better than any mop. I know when I think of washing floors on your hands and knees a vision of Cinderella pops in my head.


Looks exhausting, but it gets the job done properly.


Getting up close and personal with the dirt is the only way! The good old bucket and rag or sponge does the best job of getting into corners. It really doesn’t take that much more time than a mop either. Just a bit more sweat, but that’s good in my book!


Washing by hand clears your mind because you are doing a mundane task that doesn’t need to use too much thought, but just enough where you’re mind’s not wandering. I absolutely love this form of meditating.


I don’t really know how to meditate, but I don’t see myself enjoying the fact of just sitting and doing “nothing”. Yes, I may be missing the point entirely but I would rather clear my mind as I am dusting or cleaning or even folding laundry.


I do love chores because I see them in the light of my meditation time.


Disguised Exercise in the everyday


Scrubbing can be vigorous and is extra calories burned, this brings me to my thought on disguised exercise, (something I’ll be talking about in another upcoming post.)


Your using your muscles, your stretching your limbs, and you’re raising your heart rate. Once you see chores as exercise, it’s hard to grunt about them. 


It keeps you flexible because you are crawling around on the ground. I love being able to tone up my arms and legs and abs when I am cleaning. If you have washed the floor by hand you will realize how much effort it can take from your arms to your abs going back and forth. It’s incredible and I take full advantage of this.


Why do I love washing by hand?

1.To me, it’s much better than going to the gym and again, me being productive, is something I strive for and love. It’s one of the best full body exercises and a wonderful form of multi-tasking because nothing suffers (except my fat!).

2.The sense of satisfaction and productivity is higher because it is something you did with your own two hands (literally). It keeps your mind occupied as well as your body which help keeps stress at bay. It prevents you from being too much in your thoughts.

3.You appreciate how much work it involves to keep it clean and may respect your house or your belongings a bit more. It took more effort than using a machine so you have an elevated sense of pride.



Do you prefer using your hands when you clean? Let me know!





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Until next time


Keep it elegant!


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2 thoughts on “Touch of Elegance: Washing by Hand

  1. I love to clean by hand also. A mop is fine for a ‘spit shine’, but, according to my Mama the best way to really clean the floor is on your hands and knees with your hands doing the scrubbing. And I still love the feeling of accomplishment it gives me. As a funny side note, I used to have a lovely, but large, kitchen. I now have a tiny kitchen and do not complain one bit about keeping the floor pristine. When I had the huge kitchen, I would find all sorts of reasons to delay the inevitable. 😉 Now, it’s a pleasure to clean this one!

    1. Get up close and personal with the dirt, it truly is the best way! That’s funny too! I bet your kitchen now looks so perfect! I think it’s funny because we all want big houses but we forget that we have to clean these big houses!

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